What if you didn't have to reinvent the wheel?

hqRule is the business rules engine for Data Management teams who would rather focus on the features that make their business unique. Because who needs another brand new way to apply the exact same asset classification scheme?

hqRule: Build Something New Instead

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hqRule is a Business Rules Engine designed specifically for data management scenarios.

With hqRule you can…

  • Integrate instead of create. hqRule features a simple API that your developers can exploit from wherever their code executes, in whatever language makes sense.
  • Configure instead of code. Create new rules right from your web browser. No more putting together requirements, waiting on the development team, and hoping they translated business needs correctly into programming logic. Write business rules in hqRule and see the results yourself.
  • See everything, change anything. A major issue with programming logic is the loss of visibility. How exactly did data attribute XYZ get calculated? With hqRule, you can see the exact rules that determine each field.
  • Process fast. REALLY fast. hqRule’s internal rule engine processes millions of records per second.
  • Delegate business logic to the business. With a simple web-based user interface, business users can comfortably define and test their own rules.

Want to see what hqRule looks like in practice? Check out the documentation!

Reinventing the Wheel

Every asset mastering system needs asset classification rules. Most have complex rules around Country of Risk. Every price master needs price rules. Countries, currencies, and other enumerations have to be aligned to the institution’s official reference. Values have to be derived according to business logic.

Every institution’s business logic is unique… and also very much the same. Asset classification schemes may differ, but a matching hierarchy is a matching hierarchy no matter what values it contains. Data Management teams spend months of project time—thousands of man-hours—designing and implementing business rule subsystems that are substantially the same as the ones being implemented next door, down the street, and across the ocean.

It’s time to stop.

hqRule provides canonical rule models that can be adapted to many different scenarios. Rules are managed in a common user interface and exploited in code via a simple API that that your developers can exploit from wherever their code executes, in whatever language makes sense.

Can’t find a rule model that meets your needs? We’ll add it for you. Meanwhile, spend your valuable project time on the features of your Data Management system that are actually unique to your business.

Want so see a real-world example of hqRule in action? Check out the documentation!