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Principles: Fundamental


plural noun: principles

  1. a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.
    "the fundamental principles of EDM system design"
  2. a fundamental source or basis of something.
    "Simplicity is the first principle of design."

As your business grew, so did your system.

Order entry, routing, matching & execution; data cleansing, warehousing, analysis & reporting; back office, front office, the trading floor and the exchange floor: every function a box on a diagram connected to everything else via web service, message queue, file drop, and e-mail. Fed by dozens of overlapping data sources. Serving hundreds of time-critical reporting clients. Overseen by Legal, Accounting, Compliance, and the executive suite. Ruled by the iron fist of your customer's bottom line.

It's complicated.

HotQuant reduces complexity by radically transforming your system diagram: instead of connecting with each other for data, the elements of your system connect with an Enterprise Data Management hub. We receive data in whatever shape your sources can provide, transform and canonicalize your data in ways that are most meaningful for your business, and then deliver the high-quality product in precisely the form your targets require.

The result? Your business, simplified.

Your top-secret bond indicator requires three numbers from Bloomberg.

One of them changes every time your traders ask. The second only changes quarterly, though, and the third is fixed over the life of the bond... but odds are that when a trader updates his indicator, you pull all three values from Bloomberg, every time.

That's expensive!

HotQuant engineers Enterprise Data Management systems that know when values change and manage requests so as to maximize savings without compromising data integrity or availability. Calculating that indicator a dozen times a day means about 9,000 individual data requests per year. With EDM in place: about 3,000. That's a 2/3 reduction in annual market data costs for ONE system.

That's smart, and the savings go straight to your bottom line.

A trader wants to exercise a strategy on a new security. He wants to buy it NOW.

But first Portfolio Oversight needs to approve the security for the trading strategy. And Compliance needs to check it for conflicts. And the order won't go through until Data Management populates your Order Management System with current market data... the RIGHT current market data.

Opportunities get lost this way.

HotQuant engineers Enterprise Data Management systems that integrate people as well as data. We connect traders, data stewards, oversight, and management into seamless workflows that transform irritating paper drills into well-orchestrated speed drills and run in a web browser.

Pass the ball, not the buck.

Things break.

Sometimes it's obvious. But sometimes the cause is distant: on another platform. On another floor. On the opposite end of your system diagram. Sometimes it's subtle. And sometimes you only know there's a break once you crunch the numbers.

We crunch the numbers continuously.

HotQuant engineers Enterprise Data Management systems that define exceptional conditions in business terms and detect them in data terms. We connect first responders with the problem and management with the big picture via custom dashboards that reflect your business processes, enable an active response, and run in a web browser.

First see. Then do.

Getting there is only half the battle.

Training your new Enterprise Data Management team on the job while they re-engineer your core systems is a frightening proposition. Outside experts may do brilliant work and carry great liability insurance, but they leave your team in possession of a shiny black box and few options but to return to the well whenever requirements change. This gets expensive fast.

HotQuant empowers your team to solve your problems, your way.

We guide the translation of your business requirements into a development plan that enables you to transform your infrastructure without compromising your business. We train and mentor your developers as they implement your solution, leveraging their capacity while extending their skills. When we go, we leave behind a deeply functional system composed of bulletproof design patterns and a crack Enterprise Data Management team equipped with the confidence and the skills to extend them however your future requires.

There's just no substitute for knowing how.


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