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hqTest: What Is It?

hqTest is an Enterprise-grade software testing tool aimed at the unique challenges presented by Enterprise Data Management data pipelines:

  • EDM processes are massively parallel, often transforming hundreds of data elements across millions of rows with a single execution. hqTest can handle process inputs and outputs of any complexity, and help you diagnose breaks with pinpoint precision!
  • EDM data can take any form: text or XML files, database tables, or queue messages, just to name a few. Whatever form your data takes at any point in your EDM pipeline, hqTest can set your test up, execute it, and seamlessly visualize the result!
  • EDM processes cross multiple execution contexts... but hqTest doesn't care. hqTest can exercise any process, across any system boundary, within scopes ranging from simple unit tests to complex integration testing, all within a single testing paradigm!

Odds are your current testing framework can't handle any of this... but hqTest can! Watch the short video below to learn more.

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