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Notebook: This Is How We Do It

What goes on at the whiteboards in the basement project rooms of America's financial institutions is ringed with confidentiality agreements and client privilege. Here's the part we can tell you.

Notebook Author Archive: Adam Roderick

Choosing the Right Delivery Strategy for Your Data Management Implementation

by on 30 May 2016


Three approaches to delivering data management systems. Move away from what you don't like, move towards what you do. Leading is simple, right?

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Guide to Continuous Integration in Data Management

by on 18 Apr 2016


Continuous Integration will make your team's delivery speed and quality skyrocket. Here is how to do it.

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Solid EDM: Why the Raw Table Matters

by on 08 Apr 2016

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Simplicity, Agility

The practice of a raw table is simple to understand implement, but it is easy to overlook. You do not want to lose out on its benefits.

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That One Component Your Team Is Scared to Touch

by on 08 Mar 2016

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Simplicity, Clarity, Mastery

What is that one part of your system that your team is afraid to modify?

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