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Notebook: This Is How We Do It

What goes on at the whiteboards in the basement project rooms of America's financial institutions is ringed with confidentiality agreements and client privilege. Here's the part we can tell you.

Notebook Author Archive: Jason G. Williscroft

Jason is an Annapolis-trained systems engineer with a talent for software development and a deeply mathematical streak. After over a decade writing quantitative analysis software in and around finance, Jason founded HotQuant to focus on the design and implementation of security mastering and data integrity systems using Markit's Enterprise Data Management platform and related technologies.

Press Release

by on 05 Jan 2017



HotQuant Partners with EDM Council to Advance Data Management Assessment Capabilities

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Pomposity and the Sound of Heavy Gunfire

by on 23 Apr 2016



Advice for a young man on a career in Data Management.

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Data Governance and the Enemy of the Good

by on 16 Apr 2016


Simplicity, Economy, Agility, Clarity

An impactful series of small wins is a more convincing argument for Data Governance than any abstract sales pitch.

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The Data Pipeline Requirements Model

by on 13 Mar 2016

2673  |   2  


A problem discovered in production can cost an order of magnitude more time and money than one discovered in development. Just so with the step between requirements definition and development. The DPRM prevents the worst kind of defects from being coded in the first place.

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Avoiding the Requirements Trap

by on 09 Feb 2016


Economy, Agility, Mastery

The Requirements Trap is a major source of inertia in EDM projects. Here's what you need to know to avoid it.

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Markit EDM Test Harness: First Looks

by on 18 Jan 2016

9226  |   2  

Economy, Agility, Clarity

Last Thursday morning, Markit held a webinar announcing the release of their Markit EDM Test Harness. Two HotQuant partners were among the hundreds of attendees on the call. Here are their reactions.

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EDM Developer Interviewing Guide

by on 12 Jan 2016



Here's a list of interview questions that get to the bottom of what a candidate does and doesn't know in the EDM space.

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SQLEXPRESS Upgrade Gotcha

by on 20 Dec 2015



Sometimes you need the big iron. Here's a tip for cleaning up your PATH variable after upgrading SQLEXPRESS.

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Agile Methodologies in EDM Projects: the Video!

by on 17 Dec 2015

2233  |   1  


A deep look at what happens when complexity overwhelms Agile projects, and a set of tools for regaining control.

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Minimizing EDM Operating Costs Through Adaptive Error Detection

by on 27 Sep 2015


Economy, Agility, Mastery

Feedback-controlled statistical error detection offers EDM architects two critical advantages. Either would be powerful enough on its own. Together they're a game changer.

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