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HotQuant Gigs: Join Us

If you are a talented developer, we might be interested in meeting you! Here's what you need to know.

Who Are We?

HotQuant builds astonishingly effective data management systems. We do it by ignoring all the ad copy and treating data management projects as precisely what they are: complex systems that integrate software and people in order to solve business problems on an industrial scale. We are software engineers, and when we find ourselves solving the same problems over and over, we encapsulate those solutions into software tools that accelerate delivery, empower our clients, and justify our rather high rates. 

We are 100% serious about our core principles, and our clients know it. 

Who Are You? The Basics 

  • Subcontractors. HotQuant has no employees beyond our three principals. We find that the non-technical qualities that make for a successful independent consultant align very well with those that predict success in complex data management projects, so that's who we prefer to hire. So: no salary, no benefits, no help with work visas, etc. You're on your own, and we'll pay you accordingly. 
  • Coders. HotQuant leads software development teams. Can't do that effectively if you can't code. Can't learn much if you don't know what you don't know. So there are plenty of platform-specific requirements, but the bottom line is this: you must be 100% comfortable with every SQL question in our EDM Developer Interviewing Guide rated 5 or below. No exceptions. And we can tell. And if the fives are really the best you can do, be prepared to talk about what an awesome coder you are on some other platform and why it's relevant.
  • Globe-Trotters. In order to subcontract for HotQuant, you must be willing to travel 100%. No exceptions. The typical consultant's weekly schedule is 4 days on-site and one day remote, but that depends entirely on the needs of the client and how far you are traveling from home. We may find you a gig close to home, but that is going to be the exception rather than the rule. We'll make it worth your while.
  • Available. If you are currently or recently employed by one of HotQuant's current or former clients, we may not be able to work with you. It's most helpful if you notify us of any potential conflicts right up front. 

Are You MEDM-Certified?

Currently, most HotQuant subcontracting gigs are MEDM-related. If you already know the platform, and you meet all the basic requirements above, you should contact us. Depending on your level of expertise, we may be able to use you immediately. 

Never Heard of MEDM?

It's actually really hard to find strong coders with experience on the MEDM platform who are available when the need arises! We've discovered that it is often faster and more effective to "roll our own" EDM developers. If you meet the basic requirements outlined above, contact us. If you're qualified, and if we have a need we can't fill with a qualified operator--which happens--we'll call you. 

Training Program 

Depending on your qualifications, we may elect to train you for a few weeks before committing you to the client. During your training period we will not be billing the client for your time, so you will receive a lower rate. Your training may consist of some or all of the following:

  • HotQuant Boot Camp (5-7 days). This combination of guided and independent study will introduce you to your development platform, sharpen your SQL skills, and introduce you to HotQuant's design patterns and implementation tools.
  • Advanced Platform Training (2-3 days). Formal training, hosted either by the platform vendor or a client, leading to a platform-specific certification.
  • On-The-Job Training (5-10 days). This is time spent on-site with the client, shadowing a HotQuant principal or a more senior HotQuant consultant and becoming familiar with the specifics of the client's implementation. Think of it as an extended interview: if you are successful, by the time this period is complete, the client should already consider you part of the team. 

How Much Will You Make?

That depends. How much are you worth? 

Once you complete your training and start billing, you can expect HotQuant to collect a 30% haircut from your rate to the client, after expenses (we generally roll estimated expenses into our rate to the client because we're allergic to paperwork). How much does that come to? Enough. More than enough, if you're any good. We're happy to provide more detail, but you'll have to pass a set of interviews first. 

There are a couple of other ways to make money with HotQuant. Help us find a consultant that we ultimately place and we'll pay you 10% of his first 12 months' after-expense billing rate (i.e. a third of our haircut for the first year). Introduce us to a new client and we'll do the same across the entire SOW.

Would You Like to Know More?

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