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HotQuant serves Data Governance organizations with Enterprise Data Management consulting, services and tools. Tame your system diagram, reduce your data costs, and conduct business in real time. Interested? Let's talk.


EDM Strategy & Consulting.

Enterprise Data Management projects are high-cost, high-risk, and high-profile. EDM project success means knowing the landscape, planning accordingly, and avoiding nasty surprises. HotQuant can put your EDM project on track and keep it there!

EDM System Implementations.

Successful Enterprise Data Management implementations employ rigorous requirements management, advanced coding practices, and air-tight test & deployment methodologies. HotQuant mitigates implementation risk, one detail at a time!

EDM Tools.

Every major Enterprise Data Management implementation toolset features functional gaps around requirements specification, unit testing, change handling, and deployment. HotQuant bridges those gaps with tools that are lightweight, intuitive, and run in a web browser!

Big Data: Microscopic Detail

Big transactions are complicated. Complexity induces risk.

Risk compounds.

HotQuant engineers Enterprise Data Management systems that slash complexity within your infrastructure and reduce the cost of doing business. Our tools enable real-time business process management, provide clarity to first responders and the executive suite, and run in a web browser. We heavily leverage your own technical staff, training and mentoring your developers as they implement your solution so that we leave behind us a deeply functional EDM system and a crack team to operate and extend it.

HotQuant mitigates risk, one detail at a time.

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